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Our Mission is to improve employee engagement by activating frontline deskless workers to share expertise and know-how in a way that rapidly scales to all employees and preserves expertise for the business to weather employee turnover.
The Deskless Workers Engagement Platform was created because there was a need to increase workforce knowledge transfer at scale and speed. Through our Engagement App, we empower employees to create, share, and perfect powerful visual content on their mobile device – no corporate email required. Users create content through a simple and familiar workflow. Using only their mobile device, employees quickly assemble and share a visually rich series of photos to communicate ideas, document processes, share best practices, create instructional materials, migrate steps for success, and produce clear end-user documentation. Any employee can refresh, improve, or suggest edits to content while enlisting the tribe to validate changes. Our clients consistently outperform their competitors in both customer satisfaction and service quality. 
The Deskless Workers Platform stresses intuitive creation and simple sharing over complex feature functionality other vendors prioritize. The resulting increase in employee engagement and alignment around business goals using the Deskless Workers Engagement App is a powerful indicator that simple is better for this market.

Repurposed office applications such as Word, Power-Point, Flow, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and many others are barriers to deskless engagement whose primary goal is to assemble “How-To” content and share tribal knowledge. Repurposed desktop applications are not the tools used by frontline workers when performing their jobs. 

Roles for the deskless employee tend to be task oriented and often can be broken down into discrete 
steps following a prescribed order. Workers use text sparingly, especially if writing in a foreign or secondary language. Deskless employees work in visually rich environments, and naturally rely on visual content when transferring knowledge. “Fat Apps” don’t add any value. For example, a solution based on PowerPoint would require over three dozen steps to create what the Deskless Workers Engagement App produces in less than 2 minutes. Competing solutions often require a suite of mobile apps to create a document, describe the task, curate the content, name the content, decide where to save it, catalog it and communicate to colleagues that it is ready for feedback. Success in a deskless environment requires simplicity to amplify usage and scale adoption. The alternatives require a string of dependencies more complicated than the content produced.

"WWT will be deploying the WinningFotos solution internally to capture the essence of our company culture and values."


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