Our services.

Our single platform solution solves real-world engagement problems on all levels of your organization.

Business Owners

There’s no business value in repeating mistakes, re-inventing a process, or re-documenting a proven practice that may have vanished through turnover. The Deskless Workers App gives your team the ability to capture and quickly transfer your expert knowledge to other employees within your organization. The platform Admin tool gives owners and managers top-level control on Articles - ensuring company standards are being met and employees are getting the right training. 

Teammates and Peers

Traditional deskless knowledge sharing happens peer-to-peer, on-the-job. With the Deskless Workers App, employees tell the story of how they perform a task, apply new skills, and solve problems in their domain. Our App drives collaboration and scales valuable know-how across the frontline whenever and wherever it is needed. Visual-first communication accommodates language barriers.

New Employees

In this job market, the average employee is looking for a new role within six months of their hire date. The Deskless Workers App allows you to quickly onboard new and transitioning employees. Our technology stresses intuitive creation and simple sharing over the complex feature functionality other vendors prioritize. The result is an increase in employee engagement and alignment around business goals in a shorter amount of time.

Quick. Simple. Effective.

The Deskless Workers App meets your frontline employees right where they are. 

Why make it complex?

With complexity comes scarcity. When resources are scarce, it takes longer for your employees to find the information they need. They become disengaged and your business suffers the consequences. Let us help you quickly transfer tribal knowledge, engage your staff, and ultimately scale your business.
Fewer language barriers.
Low cost of storage.
All employees have a smartphone.
Employees are already taking photos.
Multiple uses for images.

Use your voice.

Whether you have great insight into the deskless workers in your industry or just a question about our technology, we want to hear from you. Use the button to send us a message, and we'll get back to you shortly.