COVID-19 Lesson: Empowering Your Deskless Workforce Creates a Competitive Advantage

Front view of technician or engineer with protective mask and tablet working in industrial factory. The business and technology challenges arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic are numerous. One of the biggest...

What happened to Personal Computing?

The PC and all its successors have little marvel factor left. Not only have consumers shifted away from PCs, businesses have too. Everything is shrinking as the world moves to…

3 Billion Employees are opposed to Disruption

It’s simple to disrupt something you don’t understand. It’s much more difficult to influence behavior at scale with a goal in mind. This requires insight that traverses data and…

Your Deskless Workers Won’t Use Your Collaboration Software

I’ll be 100% transparent about my experience as a deskless worker. I loved it. At the fearless age of 18, I was in control of a 24,000+ horsepower…

Where are the Knowledge Workers?

In reality, nearly everyone in the workforce is a knowledge worker. You know this if you run a business that needs employees to autonomously learn and apply new skills.

Global Business

Supporting developing communities.

Building international partnerships.

The Deskless Workers Suite is committed to developing our global partners and consumers. Our technology crosses cultures, nationalities, and continents providing solutions developed to be easily customized to any organization. The customized setup, training and deployment of our suite will enable employees to communicate, collaborate, report status, and more. Managers will enjoy real-time updates and status while also identifying superior employees.

Emerging markets in developing nations rely heavily on frontline workers. It does not matter if it is a manual labor, security or services organization our products enable all workers and empower managers. The visual aspect of our solutions is key to the inclusion and empowerment of employees from all backgrounds, including those challenged in literacy. This is invaluable as employers work through unforeseen language and cultural barriers.

The Deskless Workers passion to be a global leader in connectivity and the empowerment of impoverished communities stems from our team. As a diverse group from many nationalities and walks of life, our team understands the necessity of connectivity. Our vision is to utilize our solutions to create value in organizations that helps employees and communities thrive.

"By securing the support and integration of our partners, we can address mature and emerging markets in developing nations that rely heavily on frontline workers."


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