Employee Engagement Through Collaborative Growth

Employee engagement is not about content distribution or even creating personalized content. Employee engagement requires something deeper. Deskless Workers lives at the intersection of contribution and recognition. The opportunity to take a device you always have...

Tactical Brand Misalignment

Several years back I found myself standing in front of our team asking what company leadership thought were two simple questions - “what does our company do” and “what do we value?” If the fact that I had to ask those questions wasn’t bad enough, the silence and...

Mental Health and Our Combat Veterans

Trigger Warning. The following discusses suicide. Decades of war have ravaged our troops and caused emotional scars that span beyond the battlefield. Because of this, mental health is a leading concern for the United States military. Sadly, military suicides have...

Engaged Employees: Your Field Service Competitive Advantage

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COVID-19 Business Fundamentals for Growth

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COVID-19 Lesson: Empowering Your Deskless Workforce Creates a Competitive Advantage

Front view of technician or engineer with protective mask and tablet working in industrial factory. The business and technology challenges arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic are numerous. One of the biggest...


Accelerating mission readiness with agile communications for Total Force enablement.

Why Kinetic?

Kinetic won a prestigious U.S. Air Force Innovation Grant in 2019. Awarded from over 1,400 entries, Kinetic was developed in partnership with Air Force Active & Reserve leadership.

Improve readiness, streamline operations, and coordinate family support services from a mobile device.

"UNCLASS CONOPs briefings, and reporting instructions can be communicated quickly and effectively. Supervisors can ensure members are ready by using the task/to-do feature. 1200 manpower hours saved per year in UTA orientation alone. "

Major, U.S. Air Force

Virtual Resiliency Center

Mental Health is at the forefront of modern military concerns. After decades of wars, Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are combating an enemy closer to home. Our Virtual Resiliency Center links vulnerable military members with information and resources that can save lives.


Works directly with base resiliency programs to disseminate information and resources.


Easy-to-use interface gets you to the information you need faster


Built to help troops at any level, from Commanders to new enlistees.


Contact VRC resources on your terms by either phone or email.


Troops can discreetly access resources to help themselves without the fear of reprisal or judgement. 


All of your base’s resiliency info on one convenient location.

Created by veterans for the U.S. military.

Kinetic was designed and created by military veterans to streamline communication, processes, and improve Total Force readiness.

Empower Commanders

Kinetic was built to modernize military workforce engagement. Currently, military communication flows from Commanders down the chain of command via email or other channels. Kinetic helps Commanders communicate more effectively and track achievement and task completion in real-time from their mobile devices.

Empower Teams

Military knowledge is traditionally conveyed using in-person courses and paper-based manuals. These methods do not scale and often fail to accurately document best practices from frontline experts. Kinetic modernizes job knowledge transfer utilizing mobile devices enabling troops to capture previously undocumented information.

Want to know more?

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