No Desk Doesn't Mean
No Voice

If you manage deskless employees, find out how our software platform can help improve your business. Take our quick quiz to assess if our solution is right for your organization, or watch the video to learn more.

No Desk Doesn't
Mean No Voice

If you manage deskless employees, find out how our software platform can help improve your business. Take our quick quiz to assess if our solution is right for your organization, or watch the video to learn more.

What We Do ?

At Deskless Workers, we realize your employees matter regardless of whether they sit in an office, work remotely, or stand on their feet all day working hard without a desk or computer. Unfortunately, most software designed to keep employees productive is built for employees that work in an office environment with access to a personal computer. We recognize that not all employees work that way, and it can be a challenge for managers to communicate with their team and keep track of what they are doing. That is why we designed a software platform that lets you better manage any employee with a smartphone. With Deskless Workers, you have all the tools you need to effectively communicate and stay on top of your deskless workforce. The goals for the product are shown below:

Publish and Communicate

Connecting with frontline employees can be a challenge. We provide multiple tools to publish content, communicate with your employees and receive feedback. We make it simple to share company news, training materials and important documents. You can even chat with employees in real-time. Onboarding new employees, training them and keeping them informed has never been easier.

Task and Validate

Making sure the job gets done is critical your business. We provide an easy way to show your employees what needs to get done and hold them accountable to getting the job done. You can assign tasks to individual employees, groups, or even by department or location. You can see updates in realtime, and employees can receive notifications to remind them of what they need to do.

Measure and Improve

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to see which employees are reading your content and which are not, and also highlights whether employees are completing their assigned tasks on time. We provide the tools you need to keep your employees both informed and accountable, so you can have the data you need to drive improvements across your organization.

Features That Help You Improve Your Business

Deskless Workers is full of features that help you communicate better across your organization, train more intelligently, measure performance and engagement, and effectively manage your deskless workforce wherever they work.

Publish and Communicate to
Inform, Educate and Improve Productivity

Deskless Workers lets you rapidly publish news, announcements, and training content to the mobile devices used by your employees. We provide an easy to use authoring system that lets users create content from either the Deskless Workers Mobile App, or a Web based interface which can be accessed from any computer with a Web browser. Increase productivity and reduce paperwork by publishing important documents in a centralized repository. All information is stored securely in our Cloud based infrastructure.

  • Publish video and other materials to improve training and onboarding.
  • Allow employees to like and comment on posted content.
  • Send to groups you define, or publish to locations, departments, or even individual users.

Simplified Task Management
Gets Things Done

Deskless Workers makes it easy to quickly assign tasks to employees. Our easy task management functionality takes the worry out of wondering if tasks are getting done. Now you can assign tasks with simple directions without having to hunt down your employees. The platform will automatically send reminders to keep employees focused on what they need to get done. The best part is that you can see tasks being completed in real-time.

  • Easy to create and assign tasks from Mobile App or Web.
  • Assign tasks to individual users, groups, departments or locations.
  • Task items can be text based, or link to URLs for external content and videos, and can even include article/training content you publish in Deskless Workers.

Polls, Surveys & Quizzes
Provide Feedback

Deskless Workers provides simple tools to solicit feedback from employees and test their knowledge. Our feedback tools let you know exactly what your employees are feeling and gives you the information you need to effectively manage them remotely. Want to know if your employees are understanding the training materials you provide? We make it easy to create a quiz that tests employee knowledge. Our management control panel makes it easy to see scores and assess the effectiveness of your training program.

  • Allow information to be shared anonymously.
  • Customize form elements and appearance quickly.
  • Powerful yet simple interface lets you focus on questions and answers.

Effectively Measure Employee
Engagement and Satisfaction

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many disruptions and changes to the way we work. With more companies moving to a remote workforce, it is now more important than ever to track employee sentiment to ensure your employees are feeling valued and getting the support that they need to do their jobs. Our built in employee engagement surveys let you take the pulse of your employees and measure how they feel about your company. Using metrics like Employee NPS, you can easily assess employee engagement and satisfaction, and explore why employees feel the way they do about your company.

  • Leverage Several Built-In Form Templates or Create Your Own
  • Get Actionable Data in Real-Time on Your Dashboard
  • Security Settings Allow You To Protect Employee Confidentiality
  • Identify "At-Risk" Employee Populations with Low Engagement and Improve Employee Churn

Instant Messaging
Enables Sharing and Collaboration

Deskless Workers empowers collaboration by allowing employees to chat via direct messaging, groups, or channels organized by a specific topic. Employees requiring assistance while at a job location can get help from supervisors or other employees by creating a chat session. Users can see which employees are online and available. Users can even share Deskless Workers content like articles and task lists with other users in a chat session.

  • Works like your phone's messaging client.
  • Allows users to share Deskless Workers content.
  • Automatically send messages when task list items are due.

Actionable Insights
Management Can Use

Deskless Workers gives you the confidence to know that your employees are doing the things they need to be doing. You now have access to real-time data that shows you whether or not the tasks you have assigned are getting done, and whether or not the content you provide is being consumed. Our powerful dashboard allows you to drill-down and get details on task performance, content views, survey and quiz responses and employee engagement.

  • See which employees are actually reading the content you provide.
  • Drill-down into project tasks to see if things you assign get done.
  • Define when employees should receive notifications on due items.

Visualize The Data You Need To Drive Improvement

Deskless Workers comes with a powerful Web based Control Panel that provides managers with the data they need to measure and improve productivity and employee engagement. It allows you to control everything employees see in the Mobile App. You can create and publish training content and announcements, define task lists for employees to execute, create surveys and quizzes to capture employee feedback and assess employee knowledge, view analytics and export reports, modify user roles, and manage all employees from a single and easy to use Web App. The Control Panel automatically tracks and measures everything that happens in the Mobile App and makes all data clearly visible and actionable. Your business data is safely and securely stored in our cloud infrastructure and available for your use at anytime with no storage limit.

Industries We Support

We partner with our customers to deliver a Frontline Employee Management solution that works for their business. Our platform can be adapted to support a wide range of use cases across a variety of industries. Our Mobile App and Web based Dashboard can be quickly deployed via our "Standard" Software As A Service (SaaS) platform. We also offer a "Professional Services" approach which utilizes our team of storytellers and video production experts to help you develop and publish training content, and we can even help integrate our solution with your existing software.



With all the noise out there, it is getting harder and harder for retailers to break through with their message and build brand awareness. Being able to get the right information into the hands of your employees quickly is critically important to your success. Our easy to use platform makes it simple to communicate and collaborate with your retail employees and get everyone on your team on the same page. You have the power to create an efficient onboarding experience for new employees to get them started on the right foot. You can train employees on best practices and loyalty initiatives. You can even motivate and educate your sales team on how to promote up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Deskless Workers can take your retail team to the next level by allowing better communication, automating paper processes via digital forms, and creating easy to understand checklists for your employees to follow.


Deskless Workers is the easiest way to connect with your travel and hospitality staff. The platform empowers you to deliver better training content immediately while optimizing training costs. Our task functionality ensures you improve operational daily procedures that will help deliver a significantly better guest experience. Make your team more productive by allowing your staff to access the information they need whenever and wherever they need it. Our content posting functionality allows you to deploy announcements, policies, and training and ensure they are being received and read by your staff. Our instant messaging functionality allows your team members to communicate with one another if they need help in real-time. Our forms and surveys replace paper processes and allow you to get the feedback you need to know the job was done. All of the information you need to manage your team is organized on your Dashboard.



When it comes to the construction industry, it is imperative that employers safeguard the welfare of their employees. To do this, they must ensure that safety at the worksite is the number one priority. Deskless Workers provides the tools you need to set a new standard for employee safety. You can post policies, procedures and regulations and make sure your employees are reading them. You can add images and videos showing proper safety procedures, and you can even attach documents like safety case studies and meeting notes to your posts to make sure your team has everything they need to be safe. Your daily processes and workflow can be automated by our task checklists and forms. You can modify our provided form templates, or create your own forms to document things like employee injuries, potential safety hazards, safety audits/inspection, beginning/end of day reports, tool inspection reports, vehicle reports, and whatever you need to keep your team safe. The best part is you can receive information in real-time while employees are in the field.


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a greater importance on the commercial cleaning industry. Cleaning crews are on the front lines of fighting the global pandemic, as they are responsible for deep cleaning, disinfecting and scrubbing the surfaces and areas that are hosts of potentially dangerous germs and viruses. Deskless Workers provides commercial cleaning companies with an effective way to rapidly publish the latest in cleaning training, as well as, up-to-date health and safety documents, operations manuals, and important announcements. Our quiz functionality can be used to make sure staff truly understands the training materials and can be used to create a certification program ensuring only those qualified team members can work with your best accounts. Our task and checklist functionality automates your business processes, and allows you to create checklists for employees or teams by location or customer. The checklists can ensure no steps are missed and employees are in compliance with cleaning requirements.



For wireless providers and multiple-system operators, Deskless Workers offers the perfect tool to onboard new employees, reduce employee churn, and educate and train them on the latest products, technologies and offerings. By giving employees the tools they need to be more effective at their job, you empower employees to drive improvements in productivity and customer service. You can publish detailed training material and content for new installers to follow. You can include pictures and video to clearly demonstrate how to do something. You can quiz employees to test their skills and assess their comprehension of your training. You can even let installers communicate with experts in your company through the instant messaging functionality, allowing them to get the help they need while at an install site. The task and checklist functionality gives you the confidence to know a job is being done right since you are providing detailed instructions on how to perform specific tasks.

Field Service

Many Field Service companies rely on outdated tools or spreadsheets. Field Service project work can last an hour or it can take multiple weeks. Being able to manage workers remotely while they are at a job site by keeping on top of their work and communicating with them can often be a challenge. Deskless Workers makes managing field service workers easy. The task and checklist functionality allows you to provide detailed instructions for workers to perform while at a job site, and you can see their progress in real-time. You can communicate with your mobile employees in real-time through our instant messaging interface. Our forms and surveys replace paper processes and allow you to capture photos, field notes, and signatures from customer jobs. You can publish detailed training material (including videos and other content) for workers to access at the job site. Deskless Workers even has offline capabilities, giving workers in the field access to critical information in any job environment.

Field Service & Repair

Other Products

Kinetic is the Deskless Workers platform re-engineered specifically for US and Allied Military Forces. The product provides all of the same features our customers have come to rely on, in a secure, cloud-based platform, plus provides Military specific features designed to ensure readiness and resiliency.

Boost capitalizes on our learnings from the Deskless Workers platform. The product provides the beverage industry with a training and certification platform designed to incentivize employees and better train them on products with the goal of boosting beverage sales for restaurant and retail outlets.

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