Employee Engagement Through Collaborative Growth

By: Terrence Nevins — VP of Product - Boost

Engagement   –   Management 2020-Jul-20

Employee engagement is not about content distribution or even creating personalized content. Employee engagement requires something deeper. Deskless Workers lives at the intersection of contribution and recognition. The opportunity to take a device you always have with you, and regularly use to engage with your social network, and extend that degree of intimacy to your professional life is what Deskless Workers is all about.

Accelerate Growth

How does an innovative company accelerate growth? By increasing the velocity of knowledge transfer using technology. Every corporate goal is dependent upon knowledge transfer. Content solutions aren’t enough. They are often a distraction for effective knowledge transfer because they are rigidly top-down without effective, organic feedback from employees. Content solutions exist to enable organization, distribution, and management of leadership approved content. Where they fail is their ability to grow participation and energize engagement across the employee base. Especially with millennials who crave engagement in the process over the end result. For many, participation over product is the missing link.

Deskless Workers developed a mobile engagement solution at the nexus of shared goals between business and employees to capture the best, most authentic content. The process of employee-sourced, leadership approved content is desirable for effective and efficient knowledge transfer and improvements in employee connectedness with the business.

Figure 1: Content Management Solutions
Common Goals - Corporate vs. Personal

Your next generation workforce are experts in knowledge transfer. Their generation seamlessly exchanges information, shares ideas, and produces sophisticated messaging that accelerates results. They often consider their process of producing content more important than the content. Yet, they produce more content at a higher quality. They do this daily, countless times. They would say the best content solution is one that doesn’t get in the way of their process.

Here's how to engage them and keep them engaged in the production of high-quality content that transfers knowledge, incubates new ideas, and achieves your corporate goals.

  • Visuals – They have a camera in their pocket, and they know how to use it. They persuade peers, promote ideas, and challenge perceptions that may be limiting an organization’s ability to reach its goals. It’s raw and it’s real – that’s the attraction.
  • Recognition – They operate with the expectation that they will be recognized by their peers and supervisors for their contribution. They build their network and credibility through knowledge transfer.
  • Feedback – Despite what you may read, this generation craves genuine peer feedback at a high rate of frequency. Anything that isn't instant, isn't fast enough.
  • Reward – Related to recognition but emphasizes the need to stand out from the crowd. A "point system" for contribution and participation may seem trivial from a corporate point of view – but you know they're paying close attention to their status in online gaming, fantasy football, social networks, etc. Better results happen when you gamify the process?

Crowd-Sourced and Peer-Reviewed Training in Practise

Training is one area where corporations must adapt to the preferences of their new workforce. By embracing crowd-sourced and peer-powered content production for their training needs, they can expect better results and lower costs. For a concrete example, let’s look at warehouse training. Consider safe forklift operation.

An employer has an obligation to provide recurring and event-driven training for the safe operation of machinery in the workplace. The long cycles of train-the-trainer then distribute stagnant training modules are over. Driving down accident rates and cutting training costs is a goal that’s within reach.

Employees familiar with the operations of a warehouse are the optimal producers of content. Take the knowledge earned over thousands of employee hours and transfer it. New equipment? Operating conditions change? Fresh employees? Annual re-certification? They’ve earned the benefit of experience, so allow them to cash it in and provide a platform that works the way they do. Their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm will produce quality on-demand training at a lower cost, with better results.

Our Solution

Deskless Workers enables employees to communicate and collaborate visually with pictures, videos, text blurbs, and other content. Our data insights are revealed through natural interaction with the content, like swiping, liking, commenting, and voting. This familiar interface boosts the best, most engaging content to the top for a business to use for training, advertising, social media, recruiting, and culture immersion programs while spurring a deeper, more authentic connection with the business. Deskless Workers has cracked the engagement-code fulfilling what today’s workers seek and need using habits and methods they embrace in every other area of their “social” lives to fulfill business goals. It’s no secret that businesses that cultivate human connection from within are outperforming their competitors. With the right tech, you too can consistently attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, and lead your market with innovations.